Tramex CME4 Concrete Moisture Meter Encounter
Tramex CME4 Concrete Moisture Meter Encounter
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Measurement method:Non-destructive moisture measurement, 1/2" (12.5 mm) signal penetration depth
A pocket size non-destructive moisture meter designed to measure moisture content in concrete flooring prior to the application of floor coverings
Typical Applications: Concrete, Cement
The Tramex CME4 Concrete Moisture Meter Encounter is used to measure moisture content instantly in concrete floors and sand. The Tramex CME4 Concrete Moisture Meter Encounter is a hand-held electronic moisture meter utilizes non-destructive impedance measurement for moisture determination. Parallel co-planer electrodes are mounted on the unit's base which transmit low-frequency signals into the concrete or cement floor to a depth of approx. 1/2 inch (12.5 mm). The results give the average moisture content to a depth of approximately 4 inches (100 mm) during the drying period. While concrete under normal conditions can never be completely dry, the instrument has been calibrated on acceptably dry material. It compares the change in impedence caused by the presence of water and displays moisture content on an analog dial. The meter is calibrated to give percentage moisture content readings on a clean, bare dust free concrete floor slab, thus readings taken on concrete slabs through paint, coating, adhesives or other materials on the surface of the slab should be regarded as qualitative or comparative and no quantitative.

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