PM3 Paper Roll Moisture Meter
PM3 Paper Roll Moisture Meter
Price: $ 1,270.00 up to $ 1,801.00
Paper Roll Moisture Meter
Measuring Range up to 25% with resolution of 0.1%
Built-in datalogger for 10,000 data points
Built-in Automatic Temp Compensation for highest accuracy
The PM3 is a specially-designed instrument for the accurate measurement of moisture content in rolls of paper, cardboard and pulp. The built-in sensor on the rear-side of the gauge provides a measuring range of up to 25% with a measuring resolution of 0.1%. A built-in datalogger for up to 10,000 readings is provided for recording purposes. Typical applications include incoming receiving inspection as well as process control checks. PM3 provides for Non-destructive measurement through the packaging!

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