MCT-HS Hay and Straw Moisture Meter
MCT-HS Hay and Straw Moisture Meter
Price: $ 739.00 up to $1,164.00
Hay and Straw (and Miscanthus) Moisture Meter with Stabbing Probe
2 Models: MCT-HS 8% to 40% with accuracy 2%, MCT-HS-PRO 8% to 60% with accuracy 1% & USB Output
23.6 inch long moisture probe
For testing water content deep inside hay and straw bales
The MCT-HS Hay and Straw Moisture Meter is a Moisture meter for measurement of water content in hay and straw bales with fixed 0.6 meter (23.6 inch) stabbing probe. Includes temperature compensation for highest possible accuracy. Supplied with two separate built-in calibrations; one for Hay and the 2nd for Straw (also used for Miscanthus).

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