Tramex WDIK5.1 Water Damage Restoration Inspection Kit

Price: $ 1,341.00

Tramex WDIK5.1 Water Damage Restoration Inspection Kit
Tramex WDIK5.1 Water Damage Restoration Inspection Kit
Industry: Water Damage Restoration

Kit Contents:

  • CMEX2 Non-destructive, digital concrete moisture meter.
  • MEP Non-destructive analog moisture meter for general building materials.
  • HIPP-IE Hygro-I Probe with Electronic Interface Cable - most advanced and cost efficient method of RH testing of the sub-floor available
  • HH14TP30 Heavy-duty Wood Pin-Type Probe - measures the moisture content of wood. Hand Held Electrode 5/8" Pins & Cable is a practical and accurate way of determining that wood is at the correct moisture level for floor covering installation
  • (8) Hygro-I Hole Liners - used with the Hyrgo-i Probe and are ASTM F2170 complaint. (Requires a 3/4" concrete drill bit which is not included in kit)
  • SP200 Long insulated pins - for deep wall inspection
  • IRTX Infrared surface thermometer - for testing surface temperatures and can be used in conjunction with the Hygro-i sensor to monitor dew point conditions.
  • Heavy-duty carrying case

Measuring Range:

  • Moisture Contentof Concrete (NDT): 0 to 6.9 % (moisture by weight)
  • Moisture content of wood: Pin-type Probe 7-40%. NDT MEP 5-55%
  • Gypsum Scale: 0 to 10 (comparative)
  • Reference Scale for Building Materials: 0 to 100 (comparative)
  • Relative Humidity: 0 to 99%

A complete kit for moisture testing of concrete & wood flooring and numerous other building materials such as drywall, wood, plaster, brick, tiles, resilient flooring, laminates and roofing. Featuring the Tramex CMEX2 digital concrete moisture meter for testing per ASTM F2659 and the reusable Hygro-i probe for testing relative humidity, temperature and dew point in the environment, or performing ASTM F2170 (and ASTM F2420 with optional Hood) for relative humidity readings in concrete slabs. An infrared surface thermometer gives surface temperature and dew point conditions used in conjunction with the Hygro-i probe. A heavy-duty pin-probe measures Moisture Content in wood. The Tramex MEP allows for non-invasive testing of moisture conditions in numerous building materials such as drywall, wood, plaster, brick, tiles, resilient flooring, laminates and roofing. The Water Damage Restoration Inspection Kit comes in a protective heavy-duty carrying case with die-cut foam lining.

Features CMEX II

  • Measures up to 6.9% Moisture Content in Concrete.
  • Hold function freezes meter reading when inspecting areas where the meter face is not visible
  • Attaches to a relative humidity Hygro-i probe for in situ testing of concrete and ambient conditions
  • 7% to 40% Moisture Content measurement in Wood using Pin-type probe attachment.

Features MEP

  • Wide range of readings for wood from 5% to 30%
  • Deep signal penetration up to 1 (30mm) into the materials being tested without the need to damage the surface
  • Three ranges of sensitivity: Wood, Timber / Drywall, Roofing / Plaster, Brick making it ideal for testing various building materials


Concrete Slabs & Screeds, Anhydrite/Gypsum Screeds & Boards. Drywall, wood, plaster, brick, ceramic, porcelain tiles, resilient flooring, laminates, asphalt composition shingles and most building materials.


Size16.9 x 13.6 x 5.1 inches
Depth of penetrationNDT CME4 approx. " in concrete
Net weight 7.25lbs (3.3kg)
Battery9 Volt PP3 Battery x3 (included)
Warranty1 year

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Product Price
Tramex WDIK5.1 Water Damage Restoration Inspection Kit $1,341.00
Accessories Price
Calibration Salt Check $49.00
SP200 Spare Insulated 7" Pins for Pin Probe HH14SP200 (pack of 2) $38.00
PTMCALSET Calibration Check Plugs for pin-probe function $74.00
CALCRH Calibration Check Plate for Tramex CME4 and CMEX2 $74.00
Hygro-i ® Electronic Interface Cable Connects - Probe to CMEX2 & MRH3 $82.00
Spare 5/8" Pins for Pin Probe HH14TG30 (pack of 10) $17.00
MEP Calibration Check Box Part No. CALBOXMEP $74.00
Hygro-i ® Probe - Pack of 12 for ASTM F2170 $895.00



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